3 Great Office Ice Breakers

Whether it is your first day at work or someone in your department, it’s always nice to get to establish a good workplace relationship from an early stage. Besides, it’s a handy benefit in case you need that one special favour from your colleague in the future! So what activities is best to break the ice, without taking up too much of your valuable time?


Guess Who!

Being able to remember each other’s names will always be a good start. Not good with names? This will give you a helping hand.

To play, each person shares 2 things that no one else knows at work. Write it down on a slip of paper. Jumble them up and make sure everyone gets 2 each. Players will take turn to read the facts out and everyone will jump in and guess who’s the owner.

Tip: The crazier the fact, the better!


2. Talk About The Good Stuff!

Create a positive energy around your workplace with this game! It’s simple and yes, you’ll get to snack on some sweets!


Place a whole bunch of candy in a bowl. The candy should come in 3 different colours of your choice. Now everyone will take turns to draw a candy with their eyes closed.

Next, the person with the candy will say 1 good thing according to the colour.

Red – The last good book I read.

Blue – What I love most about working here, or at my previous company (for newcomers).

Red – One life goal that I am working on.

Feel free to add on to the list!


3.  Human Bingo

This will get people moving and interacting. It’s the perfect icebreaker game during meetings and discussions!


Prep this game by creating bingo cards of 25 squares each. Each square will contain a work-themed statement. Some examples can include:

  • Leaves the house at 7pm
  • Change public transport 3 times
  • Wears a lucky item for sales meeting

Players will have to hunt around the room for others who match those statements. The first to complete a row wins!

These really short and simple games at work can definitely benefit everyone. Just imagine a more relaxed and productive meeting where your colleagues are comfortable with voicing their ideas!




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