5 Alternatives to Your Daily Cuppa Coffee

For most of us, coffee works better than the alarm clock. But long-term reliance on coffee to make our brains more awake can give rise to potential negative health effects. Examples include lowered ability to absorb iron, stomach ulcers due to the high acidity of coffee, and much more.

So, what are some of the yummy alternatives out there to replace your daily cuppa brew?

1. Coconut Water


Packed with natural electrolytes, Coconut water is a good replacement for sugary sports drinks. You probably already know about its hydrating properties and that people can survive solely on coconut if they are stranded on an uninhabited island. You can rely on it for bioactive enzymes which aid digestion after a heavy lunch.

The taste of fresh coconut water simply reminds of that holiday at the beach. Mmm…


2. Apple Cider


An apple a day keeps the doctors away. In addition to its natural sweetness, apple cider offers health benefits not available in coffee. Get your daily dose of essential vitamins from this drink!

If you prefer, warm it up for that extra “ahh…..” feeling in your igloo office.


3. Sparkling Water


Not the most exciting drink out there. Try it and you’ll love how refreshing it is!  Mix it with natural fruit extracts for that extra burst of flavour.

Mix it with natural fruit extracts for that extra burst of flavour to keep you awake through that report. Besides, it’s more interesting than plain water from the water cooler, right?

4. Probiotics


Time to choose your favourite flavour from the pack! Probiotics help to keep bad bacteria checked. With good immunity, you will feel more awake naturally. Other benefits include prevention of painful urinary tract infections (UTIs) and indigestion. Yoghurt and probiotic drinks are all conveniently available at supermarkets around your office.

For us, we certainly love Yakult to bits. It’s even great with fruit juice or iced tea! Be sure to mark it with your name in your office refrigerator!


5. Kombucha Tea


What’s this? Simply put, Kombucha is a type of yeast. They combine it with natural sugar, tea and other flavours to make Kombucha tea. While the benefits of this tea are still being debated, there are claims that it’s useful for reducing memory loss, regulating your bowels, preventing cancer, helping with high blood pressure and more. Sounds like a good drink for boosting work productivity!


What are your other alternatives to coffee? Share it with us as we would love to try it out!




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