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FiiT Takes on SOULSCAPE 2015!

Unfazed by the haze, FiiT took on SOULSCAPE 2015! Organised by InTheLoop, Soulscape is an all-rounded wellness festival, featuring a medley of music, yoga and dance in its impressive line-up. Yoga maestros and heavyweights along the likes of Cristi Christenson (from former Olympic athlete to Director of the Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, CA) and Saumik Bera (three-time consecutive World Yoga Champion and the founder of Real Yoga).

FiiTSG goes to UrbanSCAPE 2015

FiiT was invited down to UrbanSCAPE 2015, and joined close to 400 people at Lepark for Singapore’s first sunset rooftop yoga party.

BUT… it wasn’t all just about yoga! When we got there, we discovered that they had a little lifestyle market with vendors such as GetKlarity, Madana and Afterglow – everything from hassle-free spa bookings to nature-friendly yoga accessories and Kimchi Nori Rolls. YES PLEASE!

4 Easy And Realistic Ways To Burn Belly Fat!

Your belly is one area of the body that’s too stubborn to tone up. Wanna know why you can’t seem to get rid of it? What you eat and what you do actually affects the presence of belly fat!

Don’t worry, we are sick of unrealistic fat loss advertisements too. So here are 4 realistic ways to help you lose that stubborn belly fat!