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Make Your Own Soaps @ SHEA

After a long day of work, most of us look forward to a nice, warm and relaxing shower – to smell and feel good! With the recent soap-flavoured craze, why not create your very own soap bars where you can customise both its look and fragrance – on us? Read more and find out how to win a free soap making session at Shea! 

High-quality soap with your favourite fragrance that will melt your stress away – now that turns a mundane shower into a spa treat!

7 Resume Tips To Impress Employers

In job hunting, it’s not just about what you CAN do, but letting people KNOW what you can do! This is why it is vital that your resume is in tip-top condition. To help ensure your resume aids in landing your dream job, below is a list of common mistakes you should avoid and other important tips to take note of. Happy resume writing!

5 Tools Every SME Should Be Using

The dynamics of an office has been revolutionised by technology, particularly in the way it works and the way it’s conceived. Here are five tools every SME or small business should be using, to help expand productive capacity in the office!

How Young Investors Can Invest and Still Grow Money in Today’s Market

On 25th Aug 2015, the Straits Times reported that the STI has plunged by 128 points. And at the point of writing, the STI continues on its way down. People who are vested in the Singapore stock markets are starting to feel anxious about their potential losses.

As a young investor, will this phenomenon affect you, or is it actually an opportunity in disguise?