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Workplace Dress Codes – What to Wear?

Dressing for work is an art.

Perhaps you don’t possess immaculate judgement over a subtle hue or the finer points of a pattern at 7.00 am in the morning? It could be time to set your wardrobe and office fashion choices straight.

7 Makeup Hacks That Make Preparing for Work SO MUCH EASIER

Waking up in the morning and getting yourself to work is hard enough. Having to make sure your make up is on point, or that you look at least presentable, is another ball game in itself! Here are 7 make-up tips that can help reduce the time, energy and frustration involved in putting on make up!

7 Manicure Hacks for Busy Bees

Beautifully painted nails are a huge source of envy at any workplace and seem so unattainable! That extra pop of colour at the ends of fingertips adds an instant dash of class and demands way more attention. Mere mortals have time and time again resolved and failed spectacularly at maintaining gorgeous nails because it just takes too much effort/time/money, but things may just change with these 7 manicure hacks.

5 Workplace Appearance Tips That You Should Know

“Costumes are the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth – it really does establish who they are” – Colleen Atwood

Our workplace appearance is the key in defining who we are. It reflects our attitude and even professionalism at the workplace. An individual that is well groomed can potentially raise their employability by leaving a deep impression to their prospective employers.

So… here we go!