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5 Ways to Declutter Your Work Desk

Documents, files and empty coffee cups. You name it, your table’s got it. You know, it could be distracting you without you realising. Yikes!

A decluttered work desk can make your mood better in the morning and increase your productivity too!

4 Types of Cliques in Each Office

The clock strikes 12:30 and you’ll see your fellow co-workers coming out of their cubicles and forming clusters before heading right out of the glass door. There’s probably 1,2 3 or even 4 types of cliques in your workplace. It does feel a little like the first few years of college, doesn’t it? Let us dissect the cliques for a bit and look at their unique characteristics!

Are You Fasting the Right Way at Work?

The Ramadan month is here but your work schedule remains as packed as usual. Without that daily lunch break to recharge your mind and stomach, it can be challenging to maintain work productivity. Here are some tips for you!

5 Ways To Deal With Irresponsible Co-Workers

Common warning signs include two hour lunch breaks and incessant Facebook messaging during office hours. Sometimes you may catch a glimpse of them napping secretly behind their office chairs. They seem to be dodging the eyes of superiors and it can get frustrating working with them. Sounds familiar?

Dealing with irresponsible colleagues can be tricky. So how can you go about it without making things difficult for yourself?

Stress Relievers You Should Have In Your Office

A person’s workspace can become one of the most intense places to be; hours of sitting, intense pressure and a fair share of stress. To create a more calming and conducive workplace environment, we have compiled a list of things you should have in your office as stress relievers. We have all five senses covered.