FiiT DIY: Make Your Own Terrarium

Terrariums are perfect desk accessories and make great gifts. You don't have to be a florist to make gorgeous terrariums. Just follow these simple steps!

Terrariums are perfect desk accessories and make great gifts! They look amazing anywhere – in the office, bedroom, washroom; you name it!

These mini gardens are super easy to make and comes in whichever shape you want! They don’t even require much care except for a tablespoon of water every 6 months to 1 year. Talk about low maintenance!

And by the way, you don’t have to be a florist to make gorgeous terrariums. Just follow these simple steps!

terrarium singapore

Here are the items you will need (clockwise starting from bottom left): Small gravel, Potting soil, Mini plants, Decorative pebbles, Charcoal, Mason jar.

terrarium equipment


Step 1: Add gravel

terrarium gravel

terrarium singapore gravel

These tiny gravels are laid at the bottom of the mason jar to provide drainage for the water in the terrarium!



Step 2: Add charcoal

terrarium charcoal

For closed terrariums, a layer of charcoal must be placed on top of the gravel to get rid of the odour and keep the air fresh! There won’t be a need for charcoal if you’re working with an open-top terrarium.



Step 3: Add potting soil (and create a hole big enough for your baby plants!)

terrarium soil


Step 4: Put your plants in and cover up the hole with a spatula

terrarium sg


Step 5: Decorate your terrarium with colourful pebbles

terrarium pebbles

terrarium workshop pebbles




Step 6: Give your terrarium some good company!

terrarium decor




terrarium workshop singapore


Tip: Do not place your terrarium near the window or under direct sunlight. Indoor light is sufficient as direct sunlight will cause heat to build up in the enclosed terrarium!


We had so much fun adding some colour to our office. Give us a buzz if you’d like to have subsidised Terrarium workshops in yours!



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