14 Flexible Ways To Make Cash On The Side While Having A Full Time Job

It’s time to hustle, hustle, hustle! Having a full time job is no longer the only form of income you can draw upon. All you need is some creative thinking and of course, the drive to maximise your earning ability.

1. Earn while travelling

earn while travelling

Do people always “submit” their extensive shopping lists to you when you head overseas? Well, with Airfrov, you now get to charge them a premium for that service. With minimal hassle and inconvenience, you can earn a quick buck while still enjoying yourself on your trip. For specifics, check out their nifty how-it-works guide!


2. Buy a specialised piece of machinery

First thing that comes to my mind is a tennis racquet stringing machine, because I know of someone who does exactly that for side income. So people go to his place to get their racquets re-strung. Get something that you use on a regular basis too and kill two birds with one stone!


3.Freelance writing

freelance writing sg

Also something that I’m actively involved in. It’s good because you can work within a relatively comfortable time frame and fill up small spaces in time, like your commute to and from work.


4. Costume/Props Rental

I’ve seen a fair share of rental services for party decor, such as display cases, cake stands and tabletop arrangements. The most unique one I’ve seen was a costume rental for an inspired version of the Singapore Airlines trademark sarong kebaya.


5. Being a Lifeguard/Swimming Coach

lifeguard part time sg

Part of growing up in Singapore somehow necessitated compulsory swimming lessons for many children. Don’t leave your certificate to collect dust in the drawer. Source for opportunities such as being a lifeguard or a private swimming coach.

6. Tuition

One of my personal to-gos. As a graduate, rates of $25-35/h for O Level subjects come easily. If you’re teaching A Level students, rates can climb to beyond $50/h, especially if you’re versed in more popular subjects like Economics. If you can’t commit to a weekly or biweekly assignment, there’s always Snapask, which offers remuneration based on questions answers over its app.


7. Or a Musical Maestro

piano teacher part time sg

Ditto for this. Why must you let those years of compulsory music education going to waste? Be a private teacher in your spare time. I heard these rates are even better than that of private tutors.


8. In-house Nail Salon

in house nail salon sg

Love dabbling in nail art and gelish? You can consider getting certified by taking a class and subsequently open up a nail parlour from the comfort of your home. Most take to Instagram to promote their designs and services.


9. Channel your inner Betty Crocker

baking business sg

Custom made pastries and cakes are all the rage these days. If you have a penchant for baking and decorating, you can take customised orders and start building up a whole repertoire of gorgeous baked goods.


10. Uber/Grab

Out of curiosity, I actually asked my Uber driver about the procedure for signing up as a driver. Turns out it’s really fuss free  and all you need is your own vehicle. If you’re a hustler, you can earn some extra cash by picking people up during the late night peak hours and weekends. You can even squeeze in a passenger or two along your work commute.

11. Crafting

moonlighting craft

Got a crafty streak in you? Be it cards, calligraphy or pouches, capitalise on your talent and hawk your wares on specialty sites like Etsy.


12. Be an entertainer for a day

Remember the article about the NUS student who made $500 an hour as a mermaid? While you may not necessarily have to shell out $5k for a custom made mermaid tail, you can consider being a balloon sculpter or even face painter at events and parties.


13. Sell your unwanted items

flea in sg

Now you get a monetary incentive to declutter! Doesn’t that sound like the best thing ever? There’s a plethora of choices available for the aspiring small-time entrepreneur to take advantage of what they currently have. If brick-and-motar is your thing, I’d recommend hawking your wares at flea markets. For making dough on the side all year round, download apps like Carousell or Shopee. If you’re specifically looking to resell luxury items, Reebonz is a pretty great way to give your items a new lease of life too!


14. Be your own florist

floral arrangement sg

Floral arrangement is simple, cathartic and relatively easy to pick up. Combine it with a shipment of flowers and voila!


If anyone of you guys do take up my suggestions, give me a special discount when I patronise your services eh?

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