5 Tips to Prevent Pests from Invading Your Office

You know, there is something more distracting than social media at work, the other day I was just… OMG THAT’S A HUGE COCKROACH! *Legs up and away from the ground*

Keeping nasty pests away from your office space can be quite tricky if you are not aware of the cause. Instead of stamping your thumb on every ant you encounter, try these methods to get them to move their homes!


1. The Plants!


When you think about plants, the problem of mosquitoes probably comes to your mind first. Other pests can also thrive in your favourite pot of plant if it is not regularly maintained, as they can feed on the moisture and build their home inside the soil. Over-saturation of the soil breeds fungus gnats, which feed on algae, fungi and plant roots. Once the eggs hatch, they can fly around your office and spread pollens which can lead to mould or further pest infestations. Yikes!

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep any plants in the office. Just ensure that they are properly maintained so that it can stay healthy and continue to lift the spirits of everyone!


2. The Problem May Be From Next Door


Pests can travel vast distances in search for a nice and cosy home, so it’s highly possible that they originated from that bin just outside your office. Check to see if the rubbish outside is properly tied up in trash bags and cleared on a regular basis. If you’re working in a shared office, do let the others know so that everyone can work together towards a pest-free workplace. If you still cannot find the source of the problem, it could be your neighbour. Knock knock!


3. Keep Your Workplace Clean


If you snack on a regular basis, little crumbs of biscuits may be what’s attracting those creepy crawlers. Remember to clean any leftover food and crumbs after eating. Clean and disinfect your workspace regularly to avoid pests from visiting!

Oh yes, this includes the pantry area too!

4. These Cupboards Look Suspicious!

fiit-5-tips-to-prevent-pests-from-invading-your-officeYup, paper lice, sometimes known as mites or bookworms just LOVE dark and woody environments. As much as possible, store documents in air-tight containers or wrap them up to prevent mites from building their nests there!

As such, we strongly recommend installing metal cupboards instead of wooden ones.


5. Shoo Them the Natural Way



Combine 6 drops of lemon and ginger essential oils in half a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Add this to the baking soda solution, shake to mix well and spray directly on the fungus!


Combine half a cup of white vinegar in a quarter cup of water, with tea tree, lavender or any of the citrus essential oils added, and spray onto the affected area.


Flies absolutely hate the smell of eucalyptus, cloves, basil and lavender. Use these to your advantage!


Mix honey or jam with boric acid in a small container and place it in the pantry. Apparently the worker ants will take it back to their nest. Because it is so yummy to the queen ant, she will gorge on the mixture and pass on due to indigestion.

Be sure to label it as an ant deterrent so that your colleagues won’t eat it!


Do you have creative ways to keep pests at bay in your office? We’d love to know!






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