5 Ways To Have Better Workplace Conversations

The workplace can be stressful and people will naturally try to keep conversations to a minimum. However, if you do face the need to speak to a colleague, you might as well make it fun and enjoyable for both parties!


1. Make It Enjoyable

Enjoy Talking FiiT Office

Recall someone who you just can’t stop talking to? What do you remember about that person? They must have been such fun to be with! Inject some liveliness into your workplace conversations to make a meeting more enjoyable.

Pro Tip: Ask about your colleague’s weekend, about their children or anything under the sun! Laugh more and put the focus on them instead of yourself.


2. Listening Is Easier Than You Think

Listen Better Talk Work FiiT Meetings after meetings, back to back deadlines. There’s probably a lot going on in your head and your iPhone’s game alert just came on. Try to get rid of distractions and listen to what your colleague has to say. You wouldn’t like it if someone doesn’t pay attention when you’re talking, right?

Pro Tip: Putting your phone’s mode on silent is good, but leaving your phone in the drawer when someone is talking to you is a way better option.


3. Resist The Urge To Dominate

Avoid Dominating Conversation FiiT Workplace

Did your colleague just announced that he or she has won the lottery? It can be tempting to switch the focus onto yourself. It’s better to resist saying “Oh so did I! It happened last week and I’m going to use it for an upcoming holiday!”. Instead, congratulate the lottery winner and let them bask in the spotlight.

4. Move Your Body

Move Your Body FiiT Better Workplace Conversation

The best way to show that you are paying attention is to face the speaker. Not just your head, but your body and feet as well. Additionally, try to take notice of your unspoken habits such as yawning and crossing your arms during an on-going conversation. Also, including gestures can help convey your points better.

Oh, do you have a bad habit of shaking your legs? Shake that habit off!


5. Correct Mistakes With Grace

Correct Mistakes With Grace FiiT Workplace

It’s fairly common to hear someone convey the wrong information at the workplace. Did your colleague just pronounced something incorrectly during a presentation? Did someone convey to you the wrong deadline? While it is tempting to jump in and correct them in front of everyone in the office, it’s better to do it in private. Drop them an email without CC’ing anyone else to address it.

You know, the whole ‘losing face’ thing can have serious repercussions in the office!

Better conversations at work will also mean better relationships with your colleagues! Why not try out some of the tips with that person sitting next to you in the office?



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