6 Christmas Gifts under $30 for Colleagues (with Additional Voucher Codes)

Christmas is coming and we know that you're on the lookout for the best presents for your colleagues! Forget the typical chocolate gift boxes, snow globes and photo frames, and get them something (within budget)

Christmas is coming and we know that you’re on the lookout for the best presents for your colleagues! Forget the typical chocolate gift boxes, snow globes and photo frames, and get them something (within budget) that they will appreciate! Below are 6 good gifts you can get for them.


1. Pole, Striptease and Lap Dance Class 

slap pole dance

If you’ve often thought of unleashing your inner diva and enjoying yourself at dance class with your colleagues, Slap Dance Studio presents the perfect opportunity to do so ! At a budget friendly price of $15 for a 1 hour session, both your wallet and colleague will thank you for this!

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2. Personalised Cupcakes 

designed cupcakes personalised cupcakes For friends with a sweet tooth, what better way to show your love than to give specially personalised cupcakes! Prices start from $21, with gorgeous floral, nautical and other themes, Cake Avenue leaves you spoilt for choice. The best part is that you can even place an order online and save yourself the hassle of making a trip down. Life is made easier and all you have to do know is to choose the best design for your colleague!

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3. Feet Therapy

carnation foot cream

Every lady knows the pain of aching feet and cracked heels after a hard day at work (especially if you’re in heels the whole day). Pamper your colleague with a cracked heel cream, intensive moisturising foot cream, or even a foot spa set from Carnation.We’re sure that your colleague will be touched that you remembered and cared! From prices ranging from $11.50 and above, we’re sure you can find the perfect product.

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4. Bird’s Nest 

king of nest birds nest


For nourishment, the only thing better than Bird’s Nest is Bird’s Nest at a fraction of the cost! King of Nests is currently having a promotion on their online store and you can get Original Rock Sugar Bird’s Nest (250ml medium jar) at a promotional price of $27. As it comes cooked, your colleague can enjoy the Bird’s Nest without having to cook it his/herself.

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5. Trampoline Tickets

zoom park trampoline

For adrenaline junkies, Zoom Park (a huge trampoline park) is the hottest place to be. With a foam pit, rock wall, long tumble tracks and many other facilities, unleash your inner child and have a ball of a time. For prices ranging from $14 to $30 depending on the day you go and duration for play, this is a great avenue to release all the pent up work stress!

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6.  Snowflakes Waffles 

rabbit owl depot waffles

Nothing feels more festive than tucking into ice cream and snowflakes waffles together with someone. If you’re looking for a place to bring your colleague to for a treat, look no further. Rabbit Owl Depot is known for their sweet treats and cosy atmosphere so make a trip down together soon! After all, nothing beats spending time and building relationships with colleagues! However, if you really are pressed for time, Rabbit Owl Depot offers take away as well.

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