7 Manicure Hacks for Busy Bees

Beautifully painted nails are a huge source of envy at any workplace and seem so unattainable! That extra pop of colour at the ends of fingertips adds an instant dash of class and demands way more attention. Mere mortals have time and time again resolved and failed spectacularly at maintaining gorgeous nails because it just takes too much effort/time/money, but things may just change with these 7 manicure hacks.


1. Minimise cleanup with vaseline 

The worst part of painting your own nails is definitely getting the nail polish off your cuticles. Trying to scratch the polish off hurts and using nail polish remover comes at the risk of destroying your freshly painted nails! To prevent a frustrating clean up, simply apply vaseline on your cuticles with a Q-tip. This layer of vaseline prevents nail polish from going on your skin and can be wiped off easily when your nails are done.


2. Use scotch tape to design your nails 

If you desire to achieve fancier nails all by yourself, scotch tape is the perfect tool. Simply cut the tape into strips, stick the tape strategically on your nails and paint the remaining sections(make sure the tape goes beyond your nails so you can pull it out after)!

For example, if you want half your nail to be pink and the other half brown, paint your nail pink first and when it dries, stick scotch tape on half your nail and paint brown nail polish over the exposed half. When you pull the tape off, you’ll get a clean split of colours! Get creative with the use of zig-zag scissors and shape cutters!


3. Dry your nails fast with cold water 

Fill a bowl with ice cubes and cold water before dipping your newly done nails in to “freeze-dry” your nail polish. Hold it there for 3 minutes and it’ll come out completely dry, rock hard and smudge free. This method works way better than using a fan to dry your nails!

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4. Use a bobby pin for polka dots

Most girls own thousands of bobby pins and this trusty item doubles up as a designing tool as well! Bobby pins with rounded ends are ideal for getting cute polka dotted nails. Simply drop some nail polish on one of the round ends and start dotting your nails!


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5. Use a band-aid to get a french manicure 

In this case, the band-aid functions the same way as the earlier mentioned scotch tape. All you need to do is to stick a round edged band-aid vertically on your fingers, leaving only the tips of your nail exposed. Paint the exposed strip of nail, pull off the band-aid and viola, you have a perfectly painted arch!


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6. Multiple thins coats > 1 thick coat 

In an attempt to save time and yet have vibrant coloured nails, many people slather on 1-2 thick coats of nail polish which can never every dry properly (especially with Singapore’s humidity). These thick coats of nail polish collects dents and suffers scrapes so easily that more often than not, the nails are completely ruined! To make sure your nails really dry, apply multiple thin coats (letting each coat dry before adding the next). This actually saves drying time and reduces potential damage.


7. Use cornstarch to get matte nails 

If you love matte nails, a cheap way to get that look is to add cornstarch into your nail polish before application. Pour in small quantities and stir well until you get the colour you desire.


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