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Stress Relievers You Should Have In Your Office

A person’s workspace can become one of the most intense places to be; hours of sitting, intense pressure and a fair share of stress. To create a more calming and conducive workplace environment, we have compiled a list of things you should have in your office as stress relievers. We have all five senses covered.

5 Tips To Avoid Ironing Forever While Still Achieving Wrinkle Free Clothes

Hate ironing? Find out how you can say goodbye to your iron forever!

Have you ever heard of anyone professing their love for ironing or ditching a night out as they had to iron? No, neither have we. The truth about ironing is that it’s time-consuming, boring and never ending. Why spend so much effort if you are able to tackle it effectively?

5 Holiday Deals Specially for You This December

Don’t know what to do this holiday season? FiiT’s got you covered with these amazing holiday deals; something sweet to indulge in, a team-bonding activity for you and your colleagues, even an adventure for the family!

Check out our 5 Special Holiday Deals for you, your friends and family!

10 Powerful Mindful Tips to Empower Yourself

By Karla from IntheLoop

Empowerment is an everyday effort; being the person you spent more time with makes YOU your best mentor. Even better than having someone help you feel empowered is doing it yourself daily, these tips will help you to change your mindset and beliefs, achieve your goals and take responsibility of your everyday actions to feel great with yourself.

Ways To Use Yoga For Anger Management

By Cheryl from IntheLoop

We live in a hectic, fast-paced environment where there’s hardly time to sit and breathe. That long day at work just gets to us and makes us flare up in anger. Or your children’s misbehaviour overwhelms you, making you lose your temper.

It’s unlikely any of us like to lose our cool. So let’s take a deep breath, understand the root cause of anger and learn a few tips on how to manage it!