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Art Jamming Session at Hans Art Gallere

Psst. Giveaway details below! Read more to find out how to win 2 free Art Jamming sessions!

When was the last time you painted? For us, it was eons ago, until we had our first Art Jamming session at Hans Art Gallere! Upon arriving at their Boon Keng studio, we received a warm greeting from Mr Han, founder and art therapist of Hans Art.

Make Your Own Soaps @ SHEA

After a long day of work, most of us look forward to a nice, warm and relaxing shower – to smell and feel good! With the recent soap-flavoured craze, why not create your very own soap bars where you can customise both its look and fragrance – on us? Read more and find out how to win a free soap making session at Shea! 

High-quality soap with your favourite fragrance that will melt your stress away – now that turns a mundane shower into a spa treat!

Your Last-Minute Guide To Vday 2016

With Valentine’s Day being so close to Chinese New Year this year, there’s barely any time to take a breather before it’s full steam ahead to Vday 2016. I would know, I’ll be overseas to visit my boyfriend’s parents for one night, and when we land on the 14th, it’s straight to my auntie’s house for round two of steamboat. Plan ahead with FiiT’s exclusive Vday promotions and discounts to ensure you have a worry-free Valentine!

7 Places to Go on New Year’s Eve

December is a month of festivities and after a very merry Christmas celebration comes the count down to 2016! For those seeking a memorable way to usher in the new year with their loved ones, a plethora of options is available and there is definitely something for everyone.

5 Holiday Deals Specially for You This December

Don’t know what to do this holiday season? FiiT’s got you covered with these amazing holiday deals; something sweet to indulge in, a team-bonding activity for you and your colleagues, even an adventure for the family!

Check out our 5 Special Holiday Deals for you, your friends and family!

Free Museums in Singapore to Visit This School Holiday

Museums are tangible bridges to the past. I love museum visits, especially when I’m surrounded by artefacts from different periods in history. It’s a privilege to be able to step into the past of different individuals and civilisations all in one afternoon.

With the school holidays just round the corner, take your kids on an unconventional day out for FREE. Singapore’s museum scene has much to offer – Check out these five hidden gems!

FiiT Takes on SOULSCAPE 2015!

Unfazed by the haze, FiiT took on SOULSCAPE 2015! Organised by InTheLoop, Soulscape is an all-rounded wellness festival, featuring a medley of music, yoga and dance in its impressive line-up. Yoga maestros and heavyweights along the likes of Cristi Christenson (from former Olympic athlete to Director of the Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, CA) and Saumik Bera (three-time consecutive World Yoga Champion and the founder of Real Yoga).