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Your Last-Minute Guide To Vday 2016

With Valentine’s Day being so close to Chinese New Year this year, there’s barely any time to take a breather before it’s full steam ahead to Vday 2016. I would know, I’ll be overseas to visit my boyfriend’s parents for one night, and when we land on the 14th, it’s straight to my auntie’s house for round two of steamboat. Plan ahead with FiiT’s exclusive Vday promotions and discounts to ensure you have a worry-free Valentine!

7 Places In The CBD To Grab Your Salads From

If you’re looking to have something fresh, light and healthy for lunch but don’t know where to go, this list of salad bars in the CBD is perfect for you!  With so many types of salads to choose from around your workplace, there is no longer any more excuse to not eat clean! Enjoy!

7 Reasons Why Singapore Is The Yummiest Place On Earth #soshiok

Singapore – 625 square kilometres, 4.5 million people and 30,000 eateries.

Yes, 30,000 eating places. What that means is that if you threw a stone up in the air, there’s a very big chance it might hit a Chicken Rice uncle whipping up one of Singapore’s beloved dishes.

Ok, we’ll admit we’re a bit biased here but we think Singapore offers THE best food on the planet. A melting pot of Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisine, Singapore has a rich heritage when it comes to food.

As there are only limited places on this list, we unfortunately had to omit a few crowd favourites (sorry Carrot Cake and Chinese Rice lovers) but we think the dishes listed here are worthy candidates.

Pack Your Lunch To Work!

Deep down, you know the truth. Any lunch you make yourself will taste 17 times better than the Cai Peng from that expensive economic rice stall.

Be careful not to fall into the habit of eating out daily. You may be spending close to $70 per week on lunches alone, and tossing a bag full of packaging, containers, and plastic flatware into the garbage each day. Meanwhile, the groceries you bought from Sheng Siong over the weekend are spoiling. Also it’s well-documented that we eat more fat and sodium when we eat out, so wonder no more when you find yourself feeling sluggish in the afternoon.