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5 Ways to Maximise Your Lunch Time

Instead of maximising your lunch breaks to finish as many tasks as you can, try using it to refuel your stomach and your mind! Here are 5 totally achievable ways to maximise your lunch breaks. Try them today!

5 Ways to Keep Millennials in Your Office Engaged

Who are the Millennials? And what makes them special?

Most Millennials are special as they will be making up more than 40% of the workforce very soon. They are the future paddlers of the big ship we’re sailing on. In short, they are born between 1982 to 2004. So, those under 34 years old in your office are considered to be a Millennial!

Walk into Your Performance Review Session Prepared

Yikes, it’s the time of the year again.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first or 10th time walking into one. It’s always intimidating, isn’t it? Yeah, we’ve been there.  No matter the circumstances for your review, you’ll want to go in prepared. Armed with information, history, and knowing what to expect, you could request a raise or promotion with confidence.

5 Tips to Prevent Pests from Invading Your Office

You know, there is something more distracting than social media at work, the other day I was just… OMG THAT’S A HUGE COCKROACH! *Legs up and away from the ground*

Keeping nasty pests away from your office space can be quite tricky if you are not aware of the cause. Instead of stamping your thumb on every ant you encounter, try these methods to get them to move their homes!

A Safer Office By Doing These 5 Things

Most of us assume that an office environment is way safer than other types of setting, such as factories and construction sites. Well, it’s true that we face a lower risk of bricks falling on our heads! But have you thought about the unique types of danger that we might encounter at work?

5 Alternatives to Your Daily Cuppa Coffee

For most of us, coffee works better than the alarm clock. But long-term reliance on coffee to make our brains more awake can give rise to potential negative health effects. Examples include lowered ability to absorb iron, stomach ulcers due to the high acidity of coffee, and much more.

3 Great Office Ice Breakers

Whether it is your first day at work or someone in your department, it’s always nice to get to establish a good workplace relationship from an early stage. Besides, it’s a handy benefit in case you need that one special favour from your colleague in the future! So what activities is best to break the ice, without taking up too much of your valuable time?