Health Screening Dos and Don’ts // Ask Dr. Chua Boon Suan

Not sure if you're allowed to take that sip of water before your health screening? Find out the Dos and Don'ts here, as Dr. Chua Boon Suan of Vida Medical..

Not sure if you’re allowed to take that sip of water before your health screening? Find out the Dos and Don’ts here, as Dr. Chua Boon Suan of Vida Medical answers some of our questions regarding pre-screening preparation!


FiiT SG: How long do I need to fast prior to the health screening appointment?

Dr. Chua: Patients need to fast for at least 10 hours prior to the blood taking.


FiiT SG: Can I still consume my regular medication such as high blood medication and diabetic medication?

Dr. Chua: You can consume your regular high blood pressure medication as per normal. In this way, your blood pressure taken during the screening will be a good reflection of your normal daily pressure. However, you should omit your diabetic medication for the morning prior to health screening. Do bring along the medication so that you can take it after the blood taking.


FiiT SG: What if I prefer to conduct addition tests on top of the chosen package?

Dr. Chua: We offer a full range of add-on tests for that day and a doctor will also be around to answer your questions. You may also approach our staff to obtain more information on the tests that you wish to include.


FiiT SG: How soon can I expect to know my results?

Dr. Chua: For on-site screening packages, the individual report will be out after one week. For off-site screening packages, we will be able to provide all the results on the same day that you visit our clinic for the remaining non-blood tests.


FiiT SG: Is plain water allowed during the fasting period?

Dr. Chua: Yes. Plain water is allowed during the fasting period.


FiiT SG: Can I smoke during the fasting period?

Dr. Chua: Yes, you can.


FiiT SG: What if I accidentally ate something during the fasting period?

Dr. Chua: You can choose to come in another day to Vida Medical Clinic for your screening tests.


FiiT SG: How long will the screening take?

Dr. Chua: The tests should be completed within 1 hour.


FiiT SG: Am I suitable to do a health screening if I am sick for that day?

Dr. Chua: Minor ailments will generally not affect the results. However, certain tests like white cell count and glucose levels may be deranged during more serious active infection. Do consult our medical team if you are not sure.


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