Health Screening Dos and Don’ts

Not sure if you're allowed to take that sip of water before your health screening? Find out...

Not sure if you’re allowed to take that sip of water before your health screening? Find out the Dos and Don’ts here to prep you for your screening!

Health Screening Dos and Don’ts

You need to bring along your identification card or passports for registration and verification purposes.
You need to fast for at least 8 hours prior to your health screening appointment.
Yes, only plain water is allowed during the 8-10 hours of fasting.
Chronic medications for hypertension or heart related medicine are allowed. However, please DO NOT take any diabetic medication, including insulins prior to your health screening appointment.
It will be best to do so when you are fit, however, minor ailments will not affect the results much unless you are taking antibiotics that might affect your blood results. In the event of uncertainty, please check with on ground staff for assistance.
Most of our partners provide more comprehensive options. Please check the eDMs sent out by your HR or contact us at with your company name to find out more information about the comprehensive packages available. You can also obtain more information from our staff on the day of the health screening.
You can make cash payment to our on ground staff during registration. Most of our partners also offer Visa and Master payment options.
The screening will be completed within an hour. Priority will be given to employees who have completed the registration prior to the screening session.
The results of your screening will be out after two weeks after the window period stipulated by your HR. In the event that you require your results urgently, please contact us at with your company name, full name as per NRIC and contact details.
You can do the health screening at any of our participating clinics if you miss the onsite screening. Please logon to for the full list of clinics available.
Please visit the clinic another day for your urine test if you are having your period.
Yes, you can but it is not advisable.
You can make appointment with the health screening provider assigned to your company to review your results with the doctors.


If you would like us to visit your company for an onsite health screening session, please contact us at


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