Impress your Business Network with Mooncakes

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With its origins shrouded in Chinese folklore and celebrations of a good harvest, the Mid-Autumn festival that we celebrate today is perhaps better known for being a festival of mooncakes.

The Chinese pastry’s ability to take on any shape, flavour and colour has over the years pushed the innovative boundaries of mooncakes and positioned them to be great gifts for our loved ones and business partners.


FiiT Impress your Business Network with Mooncakes Xin Cuisine

Image Source: Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn

Exchanging mooncake gift sets have become an essential part of building business relationships here in Singapore.

In fact, for Singapore, Hong Kong and China, the Mid-Autumn festival has become the period where the Chinese custom of building relationships through giving and receiving (礼尚往来) is thoroughly demonstrated. Companies exchange and give mooncake gift sets to show their dedication in building a better business relationship with each other.

This year, if you are thinking of which mooncakes you can best impress your business associates with, we’ve identified 3 major “corporate personalities” out there, and gave our suggestions on what mooncakes would delight them the best.


Type 1 : Traditional and Established Chinese Companies

Suggested Gift: Shangri-La’s Honey Chocolate Mooncake Collection

Traditional decadence is the name of the game when it comes to Shangri-La’s mooncake creations. To herald in this year’s Mid-Autumn festival, the hotel is launching their luxurious Honey Chocolate Mooncake Collection, packaged in an elegant gold honeycomb gift box.


FiIT Impress your Business Network with Mooncakes Shangri-La Honey Chocolate

Honey Chocolate Collection, by Shangri-La Hotel

If you prefer traditional baked favourites, Shangri-La also offers the classic Shang Palace Four Treasures that is presented in a gorgeous turquoise silken appliqué gift box.


FiiT Impress your Business Network with Mooncakes Shang Palace Four Treasures

Shang Palace Four Treasures, by Shangri-La Hotel
Featured flavours: White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk, White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks, Plain White Lotus Seed Paste, and Mixed Nuts with Chicken Ham

Their exquisite creations together with the recognised Shangri-La brand make these mooncakes highly appealing gifts to your business partners who value tradition and status.

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Snow Skin Gelato Mooncakes, by Olivye Café

With flavours like “Vanilla and Cookies” that can be enjoyed by most palates, the Gelato mooncakes from Olivye Café are a great way to share our mooncake gifting custom to business associates from other cultures.

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*Olivye Café is a Halal-certified café.

Type 3 : Young and Innovative Companies

Suggested Gift: The Fullerton Hotel’s Snow Skin Treasures

For innovative companies that value creativity and reinvention, the refreshing flavours from The Fullerton Hotel – such as their Orange and Chocolate Paste Snow Skin Mooncake and Tangerine Lemon with Matcha Red Bean Paste Snow Skin Mooncake – will do the trick.

FiiT Impress your Business Network with Mooncakes The Fullerton Hotel
The Fullerton Snow Skin Treasures, by The Fullerton Hotel

In addition, The Fullerton Hotel’s elegant red and gold casing with cherry blossom motif make their mooncakes perfect gifts for business associates, friends and family.

FiiT Orange and Chocolate Paste Snow Skin, Fullerton Hotel Impress your Business Network with Mooncakes

Orange and Chocolate Paste Snow Skin Mooncake, by The Fullerton Hotel

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Just like with giving presents, different gifts are best appreciated by different personalities. With this article, we hope that we have helped to give you a better idea of what to get for your corporate mooncake gifts this year. We’ve got many more mooncakes choices too, just click on the link below to explore more!

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