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How To Request For A Pay Raise Without Sounding Rude

There are times in life when you are fully conscious of the fact that you deserve more than the salary you currently draw.

At such times, it is no use to just be upset about the present state of things, instead you have to go out there and request for a pay raise! Understandably, this may be a sensitive topic so it is important to tread real carefully. Below are certain tips to take note of when you ask for a pay raise.

Top Airbnb Picks For Southeast Asia

Airbnb is the new alternative for the avid traveller – whether you’re looking for a personalised, homely stay with a host or gunning to score a sweet deal on a luxurious house, there’s an Airbnb for everyone. This week, we turn our focus to Southeast Asia and the bounty it has to offer.

Your Last-Minute Guide To Vday 2016

With Valentine’s Day being so close to Chinese New Year this year, there’s barely any time to take a breather before it’s full steam ahead to Vday 2016. I would know, I’ll be overseas to visit my boyfriend’s parents for one night, and when we land on the 14th, it’s straight to my auntie’s house for round two of steamboat. Plan ahead with FiiT’s exclusive Vday promotions and discounts to ensure you have a worry-free Valentine!

7 Places In The CBD To Grab Your Salads From

If you’re looking to have something fresh, light and healthy for lunch but don’t know where to go, this list of salad bars in the CBD is perfect for you!  With so many types of salads to choose from around your workplace, there is no longer any more excuse to not eat clean! Enjoy!

7 Resume Tips To Impress Employers

In job hunting, it’s not just about what you CAN do, but letting people KNOW what you can do! This is why it is vital that your resume is in tip-top condition. To help ensure your resume aids in landing your dream job, below is a list of common mistakes you should avoid and other important tips to take note of. Happy resume writing!

7 Places to Go on New Year’s Eve

December is a month of festivities and after a very merry Christmas celebration comes the count down to 2016! For those seeking a memorable way to usher in the new year with their loved ones, a plethora of options is available and there is definitely something for everyone.