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5 Holiday Deals Specially for You This December

Don’t know what to do this holiday season? FiiT’s got you covered with these amazing holiday deals; something sweet to indulge in, a team-bonding activity for you and your colleagues, even an adventure for the family!

Check out our 5 Special Holiday Deals for you, your friends and family!

Free Museums in Singapore to Visit This School Holiday

Museums are tangible bridges to the past. I love museum visits, especially when I’m surrounded by artefacts from different periods in history. It’s a privilege to be able to step into the past of different individuals and civilisations all in one afternoon.

With the school holidays just round the corner, take your kids on an unconventional day out for FREE. Singapore’s museum scene has much to offer – Check out these five hidden gems!

7 Things You Need to Throw a Great Office Party

It’s the time of the year again where the christmas, end-of-year-bonus, halloween, team-building office parties are thrown! If you’ve been arrowed to plan this year’s office party, here are 7 things you need to impress your co-workers, and more importantly, your boss.

10 Powerful Mindful Tips to Empower Yourself

By Karla from IntheLoop

Empowerment is an everyday effort; being the person you spent more time with makes YOU your best mentor. Even better than having someone help you feel empowered is doing it yourself daily, these tips will help you to change your mindset and beliefs, achieve your goals and take responsibility of your everyday actions to feel great with yourself.

Make Snacking in the Office a Guilt-Free Pleasure

Notice that little paunch growing ever since you started working? Don’t allow your snacking to compound the effects of a sedentary desk job. Make snacking in the office a guilt-free pleasure by choosing healthy and yummy alternatives, take a look at the options below!

10 #SoSingaporean Excuses You Hear at Work

Umm guys I’ve got to be honest here. I’ve been putting off writing this article for a few days.It’s been tough having to juggle between work commitments, family, friends, MRT breakdowns and the like.

Before you accuse me of promoting poor work habits, we’ve all made excuses to avoid uncomfortable situations at work, right?

And here are the 10 excuses every Singaporean uses at work 😉

Ways To Use Yoga For Anger Management

By Cheryl from IntheLoop

We live in a hectic, fast-paced environment where there’s hardly time to sit and breathe. That long day at work just gets to us and makes us flare up in anger. Or your children’s misbehaviour overwhelms you, making you lose your temper.

It’s unlikely any of us like to lose our cool. So let’s take a deep breath, understand the root cause of anger and learn a few tips on how to manage it!