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Workplace Dress Codes – What to Wear?

Dressing for work is an art.

Perhaps you don’t possess immaculate judgement over a subtle hue or the finer points of a pattern at 7.00 am in the morning? It could be time to set your wardrobe and office fashion choices straight.

10 Signs You Do Not Have a Worklife Balance

Hands up if you read your work emails in bed before going to sleep. We at FiiT advocate hard work and a healthy work ethic in the office. However, there’s a fine line when it comes to being a highly committed employee and letting your job interfere with your personal life.

So dear readers, if you feel like a hamster on a treadmill of the neverending cycle of work, here are some signs it may be time to get more balance in your life.

One Day in London with 20 Pounds

Widely known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, London offers a plethora of activities, food and sights! Beyond the usual touristy attractions (e.g. taking photos with Big Ben) there are plenty more things you can do with a daily budget of 20 pounds. Yes, you heard that right. 20 pounds!

5 Tools Every SME Should Be Using

The dynamics of an office has been revolutionised by technology, particularly in the way it works and the way it’s conceived. Here are five tools every SME or small business should be using, to help expand productive capacity in the office!

7 Ways to Escape the ‘Haze Bug’

Every year without fail, the ‘haze bug’ strikes Singapore, leading to runny noses, coughs, teary eyes, sore bodies and grumpy faces! Avoid taking medical leave and keep the ‘haze bug’ at bay by following these 7 simple steps.

FiiT Takes on SOULSCAPE 2015!

Unfazed by the haze, FiiT took on SOULSCAPE 2015! Organised by InTheLoop, Soulscape is an all-rounded wellness festival, featuring a medley of music, yoga and dance in its impressive line-up. Yoga maestros and heavyweights along the likes of Cristi Christenson (from former Olympic athlete to Director of the Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, CA) and Saumik Bera (three-time consecutive World Yoga Champion and the founder of Real Yoga).

7 Makeup Hacks That Make Preparing for Work SO MUCH EASIER

Waking up in the morning and getting yourself to work is hard enough. Having to make sure your make up is on point, or that you look at least presentable, is another ball game in itself! Here are 7 make-up tips that can help reduce the time, energy and frustration involved in putting on make up!

8 Fun Things to Do At Singapore Sports Hub

The demolition of the old National Stadium in 2011 brought about the construction of the Singapore Sports Hub, which opened in June last year. If you haven’t already been there, the 35-hectare sports complex not only houses the new and improved National Stadium, it is the go-to place for sure FUN! In case you, like many others, don’t already know, Kallang Wave Mall and the Water Sports Centre are also part of this new sports complex. How exciting! Here are 8 reasons why the Singapore Sports Hub should be your next adventure!