10 Powerful Mindful Tips to Empower Yourself

By Karla from IntheLoop

Empowerment is an everyday effort; being the person you spent more time with makes YOU your best mentor. Even better than having someone help you feel empowered is doing it yourself daily, these tips will help you to change your mindset and beliefs, achieve your goals and take responsibility of your everyday actions to feel great with yourself.

1. Accept what you can do and what you cannot do
No one is perfect. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and accept them, this doesn’t mean you are going to conform. Being aware of what your limits are will make you understand yourself and be compassionate.

2. Be patient
Be patient with yourself. There is no need to rush things, as long as you keep moving towards your goal everything will be fine, as the saying goes “Be not afraid of moving slowly, be afraid only of standing still”.

3. Empower your mornings
Start your day by focusing on yourself. Do things that make you feel good when you start your day; read something motivating, eat a healthy breakfast, meditate, do yoga or take a nice energizing shower in the mornings. Try to leave your mobile phone aside for a while, emails and messages can wait.

healthy breakfast

4. Keep in mind that everything is temporary
Good things and bad things won’t last forever, enjoy both of them. Be happy for your successes and learn from your failures. Every day offers us a new chance to start from scratch and smile, it cannot rain forever!

5. Take time to love and pamper yourself
Take some minutes of your day to take care of yourself, keep in mind that no one will ever take care of yourself as good as you do. Get a manicure or a new haircut, drink a cup of tea, read a book, take a relaxing bath, go for a massage, or eat something healthy and delicious.

6. Choose your thoughts
From the time we wake up we start thinking and making choices like what to wear, what to eat for breakfast, which route take to work, in the same way we need to choose our thoughts. Just as you choose your best fitting skirt pick the thoughts that are positive and motivate you. Stop negative self thinking, be kind to yourself. Remember that we take the love that we think we deserve.

7. Determine what you want and act on it
Writing your goals and the plan which you will follow to accomplish them is as important as acting on them. Remember to establish clear, measurable and realistic goals otherwise you will end up frustrated. As an alternative of saying I’ll do more yoga, try I will go to yoga class 4 times a week instead of 3 times a week. This way you can count and achieve your goals easily.

8. Count your blessings
Every day before you go to sleep count what the things which you are grateful for; like having a job, being healthy, having a partner to share your life with, still having your parents, your kids, somewhere to sleep and something to eat . Usually this things are taken for granted, bringing awareness on how rich you are will motivate you to keep going.

count your blessings

9. Meditate
Give yourself and your brain a break from the everyday routine, disconnect from the world and meditate for 11 minutes daily, you will notice how your thoughts become clearer. Meditating reduces stress, increases attention, focus and sense of wellbeing.

10. Be Aware of Distractions
What distracts you from your work and tasks? It could be being on your mobile phone scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. Or perhaps a vivid imagination or thought that’s running wild in your mind. It takes time but be self aware. Pay attention to what distracts you, you will start to catch yourself in the day and slowly re-focus yourself.

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