A Safer Office By Doing These 5 Things

Most of us assume that an office environment is way safer than other types of setting, such as factories and construction sites. Well, it’s true that we face a lower risk of bricks falling on our heads! But have you thought about the unique types of danger that we might encounter at work?

Tripping on wires, falling stacks of boxes and electrical short circuits are some of the common (yet overlooked) dangers in offices. So, now that you are somewhat aware, let’s see what you can do to enhance workplace safety!

1. Hunt for Dangers


When it’s time for your next break, take a look around the office. Slips, falls and trips are the most common workplace injuries. Fortunately, they are the easiest to prevent.

Some of the things to look out for include: 

  • Stacked heavy boxes that may risk a collapse
  • Messy and tangled wires lying on the floor
  • Overloaded electric sockets
  • Your co-workers or fixers standing on roller chairs (Suggest using a ladder for safety reasons)
  • Slippery and wet surfaces
  • Unsecured tall cabinets
  • Flammable items near the pantry stove

If you spot any of these, alert your supervisor or person-in-charge at once to prevent a pending doom from happening.


2. Maintain a Clear Line of Vision


If your office has numerous passages, you might face the risk of knocking into your colleague (or your boss, yikes!) when making turns in the hallways and around blind corners or cubicle walls. Besides, it would be such a mess if any of the victims happen to be carrying a mug of hot Milo.

Try installing convex mirrors at intersections to reduce unwanted collision. Your fellow females co-workers will be delighted to use it to check their attire while commuting to the meeting room.


3. Check the Limit

fiit-blog-a-safer-office-by-spotting-these-5-things-7This requires some inspecting work. Don’t sweat! It’s well worth it.

Notice those gray file cabinets with many fully extended drawers? They could tip over if they are not secured properly. Also, do check if the weight limit’s been exceeded, as that can pose a higher risk of a collapse. Heavy boxes should be placed on the floor instead of being stacked up.

Make a trip under tables to see if the sockets are overloaded. The number of things plugged into adapters and extension plugs should not exceed its limit, as it can be a potential fire hazard and cause the whole office to experience a blackout.


4. Ah, My Neck!


Yes, posture-related injuries and strains are also covered in this topic!

Most of us spend so much time in the office facing the computer and this makes us prone to strains and other injuries related to posture and repetitive movement. Why is this a concern? That’s because it’s difficult to detect!

If you are having that nagging shoulder ache, it’s time to review your seating posture and use tools to help alleviate the strains.

Here are some of the things you can do help ease the pain and prevent it from worsening:

  • Place your laptop on a stand to level the screen with your eyes. Use a separate keyboard to maintain optimal shoulder comfort.
  • The mouse should always be placed beside the keyboard.
  • Contoured cushions for some comfortable back support.
  • A document stand if you bend over to check papers regularly.
  • Check out this video for some extra tips!

If you have an annoying back pain that’s affecting your productivity, you may find this article useful!


5. It Begins with Your Own Workspace


While waiting for your documents to print, take a look around you and identify potential hazards. Once your work area is ‘cleared’ of obstacles, you can tell your colleagues about this new achievement and inspire them. Workplace safety should be a shared responsibility. So, encourage your colleagues to be part of this together!


With lesser workplace hazards, you and your colleagues can focus better on work. Lesser workplace injuries equals to better productivity. Let’s start now!




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